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Data safety declaration

General: The data you enter here will be sent to us as an e-mail. This email remains in our records as it does any other request that reaches us via email. At this point, no data from this form is stored in any database.

Only with the transmission of your first order, the data entered here will be stored in our merchandise management. We would then ask for missing but required information separately. If desired, we enter your e-mail address in our newsletter, which we occasionally report about new products. The database of the newsletter is completely independent of our merchandise management.

With your order, your data will then be sent to other companies that are entrusted with delivering the ordered goods to you. Which company that is is ultimately dependent on the order itself and is usually communicated to you during shipping.

In no case will we pass on any data to other third-party companies that do not deal with any processing of an order or our newsletters.

Upon your request, we collect the following data as mandatory information:

Company Our offer is aimed at business customers, so we ask for your company or company name if you have one. Otherwise, it is sufficient to specify "sole proprietorship" or to mention your name.
Contact person We would like to contact you personally. We would like to know who we are dealing with.
E-Mail address The e-mail is the simplest and fastest form of contact.
Trade license Is not mandatory. If you have not had anything to do with us, however, we recommend that you do so in any case, as we will still be requesting it.

Further information is optional but facilitates your subsequent order process.

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Data safety declaration: What we do with your entered data.

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